Bike gone Tween con

I am currently trying to write my half of a Grove book on Tweens, Ironically though the research I bumped into this weekend was an experience of Tweens I’d have preferred not to have had.
ladri.jpgOn Saturday two 10 or 11 year olds called at the door and asked (by name) for my youngest to come out and play, he thought this was great and headed out the door, he was also more than happy when they said to bring his bike out. I chatted with them and reminded them my boy was only 6 and was not allowed out of the Close. A few minutes later my son came back in tears and said they’d taken his bike. We went for a wander (I thought they were just messing about) but they had gone and so had the bike. It turns out that my son did not know the boys but I’d wrongly assumed that he did because they asked for him by name (he plays with so many kids from the Estate that me not immediately recognizing them was not a suprise). They’d called for another boy too (again by name) so they must have got the names from somebody? It also looks like they were not from our estate at all.
My son is pretty upset about the whole thing but being remarkly balanced about it, we’ve been praying for the boys involved and he wants to forgive them, but would like his bike back. It’s given me plenty to reflect on and I wonder what their life experience has been that cynically stealing a bike from a six year old doesn’t trouble them. On the plus side though I am profoundly thankful as things could have been a lot worse.
My eldest boy was a lot angrier though and without us knowing had phoned 999, which got us told off, hey ho!

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  1. thats harsh man, nice work from your eldest =D congrats on the thousandth post too, loving the calvin and hobbes cartoon, havn’t read them for SO long now, will have to find some!!
    hope your boy gets his bike back, great maturity from him wanting to forgive them.

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