And woosh went the weekend.

I’m on a day off today which I’m really enjoying. It was a busy, full-on weekend but a good one.
Encouraging things are afoot!
contemplative.jpgOn Saturday I ran a whole day on “Contemplative Youth Ministry” in the Bracknell and Ascott Deanery. Not only did a good number come and engage with Contemplative worship and with youth work BUT the group comprised volunteers, employed workers, an NSM and the Area Dean. I was so pleased with it as it felt like the ripples from the day will affect and bless all the churches in the Deanery. (If anyone else in the UK is doing training on Contemplative Youth Ministry or experimenting with it, I’d love to compare notes and share ideas?)
On Sunday it was the Licensing service for Youth Ministers who’d succesfully evidenced competancy in theology, stlaure.jpg youth work, preaching and leading worship. Many congratulations to Simo, Rob, Rob and Lizzie. We held the licensing at the uber funky St Laurence and it was fab having such a large congregation of St laurence young people, teens and loads of adult supporters from the Youth Ministers’ churches, all particpating and engaging. The service was participative, partly reflective and some awesome beatbox, MC, voice and guitar worship. The encouraging bit was not only how well it all came together and the excitement about Gods presence and love, it was that even some of the adult supporters who I thought may be weirded-out by the service, LOVED IT! (Enormous thatnks to all the crew of St Laurence and Bishop Stephen for being so supportive and making the service happen)
I’m going to get on with the day off but wanted you to know, Encouraging things are afoot!
To God be the glory