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Deploying, as usual, my capacity for overstatement, Welcome to ‘World of Youth Ministry’ where random is the watchword and all that really happens is I blather on a bit!
Youthwork the conference is fast approaching with the one at Southport (ooop Norf) happening over the second weekend in November, the corresponding one for us soft shandy swilling southerners in 17th-19th Nov at Eastbourne. It’s entitled “Infinite possibilities” and one of those possibilities (and thus preventing me from being Norman no-mates) is meeting up for coffee on the 18th if you are around?
US Youth ministry blogger Marko is in hospital with a Pancreas problem, he’s hooked up to an IV but he’s STILL blogging! Marko, you’re a legend! Get well soon eh 🙂 Talking of blogging, welcome to God is my Director who has hit the ground running, oh and to the Chester crew who still seem to be blogging well. I’m not wanting to introduce massive levels of competition here BUT a goodly number of CYM students each year begin a blog and then just disappear, so it’s Chester Uni 30 points, CYM 15 points 🙂 Mike, consider that a nudge to actually writing something!
Youth ministers were left bereft of humour when Dave Walker’s cartoon church reached meltdown due to it’s HUGE popularity. Please subscribe to his offbeat take on all things churchy so he can afford more bandwidth 🙂
The women only youth ministry gathering, “More than Survival” was cancelled. I’m wondering whether this was because there wasn’t the demand? What do you think about singe sex youth ministry conferences? Is there a ‘market?’ I really enjoy the fact that youth work conferences have a male and female perspective and humour, I wondered though whether a male only retreat though might be a good thing? Discuss …..
OVERWORK! Really striking critique here from Bob Mayo via Michael in NZ. The danger highlighted being that commitment is demonstrated in busyness.
“Christians are subdivided and then reclassified according to their levels of commitment — there are cultural Christians, believing Christians, born again Christians and then finally committed, believing, born again Christians.”
And finally ……….
The following Advisory poster has been developed for youth workers considering job opportunities with the church:

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  1. did you expect anything else from my guys? I will be having a word with some of them this week, some of them are really slacking….

  2. Thanks Ian. The problems were due to the exceptionally mild October we have been having and the wrong sort of leaves.
    Thanks to for the postal item, upon which I plan to act soon.

  3. I like the sign! As for the male only youth work conference I have to say I wouldn’t go for a number of reasons but largely because I think it would be wrong and it would miss out an important element several of my friends in youth work of women and I think their friendship is as important part of my work as my male friends and without them at a conference it wouldn’t be right.

  4. I have two things I’d like to say – one is that there may be a demand for a ‘women only’ conf – it just isn’t big enough to justify a conference in our so-called liberal capitalism but on the whole I’d prefer to see ‘mixed’ conventions with the possibility of gender specific bits n bobs – not in a way that could be used to generate your very own single gender convention within…
    and two – if ‘God is my director’ wants my coments he can take off his mail thing – giving a mail address to someone you know is one thing, giving it to someone you don’t is a no-no.
    and three – where did you get that sign?

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