The Nativity

Holy Phil managed to unearth that there’s a film called THE NATIVITY coming out this christmas? I didn’t know anything about this, did anyone else? Have a look at the trailer, it looks pretty cool 🙂

“The Nativity Story is directed by Catherine Hardwicke from a screenplay by Mike Rich (Finding Forrester, The Rookie). It is scheduled for a December 2006 release. Filmmakers are bringing an unprecedented level of commitment to ensure the authenticity not only of the Nativity story itself, but of the film’s look as well. “We are looking for epic intimacy,” says director Catherine Hardwicke. “We want this journey to be big and beautiful, but we want to feel what these people felt. I hope audiences can relate to the film on a personal level and find some inspiration to get through their own challenges and difficulties.” Producer Wyck Godfrey adds, “We chose Catherine because she cuts against the grain of the picture-book version of the movie that could have been made. She has had great success at really capturing the lives of young people in particular, and the conflict, crisis, and pain of growing up. The idea of bringing her point of view to Biblical times is very interesting.” She, writer Mike Rich, and production designer Stefano Ortolani spent countless hours researching the era to ensure every detail looked and felt authentic. Because the actual locations of Bethlehem and Nazareth have become fairly modernized over the years, the production decided to shoot in the village of Matera, Italy, which has been virtually unchanged for centuries (and was previously used as a location for The Passion of the Christ)”

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  1. We spotted the teaser trailer when it came out earlier in the year. In terms of biblical authenticity it is pretty well as expected being a combination of the Matthew and Luke versions, plus of course a lot of extra stuff to get the storyline out from the small amount we have in the Gospels to something of movie length, so as something that is biblically authentic it doesn’t seem great.
    Having said that from the trailer it does seem like they’ve made an effort to be realistic in other aspects in that Mary is obviously very young a lot younger than she is usually seen in movies, and Joseph noticeably older than Mary. As highlighted in the blurb you quoted from the people behind the film, they seem to not be glossing over the reaction to Mary becoming pregnant outside marriage would bring.
    Certainly will be interesting to see the final result anyway. Sadly it looks like the other big budget religious movie that was on the cards, the Gospel of Mark won’t now see the light of day, as the company behind both it, and the previous Gospel of John has apparently gone into liquidation.

  2. Whenever I hear, or read comments like ‘epic intimacy’ it just makes me go all ______ inside.
    Maybe it’s just me who when he hears things that are generally what we want to hear but couched together in a way I presume is mutually exclusive – I wonder more about the number of buttons they’re trying to push…

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