Spring Harvest

sprin harv.jpgI’ve never been to Spring Harvest (yet). I’ve been to the Methodist gig, “Easter People” which I really enjoyed ( I thought their philosophy of hitting a different town each year and people being a witness where they were staying was fab!)
I’ve been to Greenbelt LOADSA times since 1985 and have done a few Soul Survivors. I’ve also been to many and diverse christian conferences at Swanick. So my “I-Spy” book of Christian gatherings has a goodly (Godly?) number of ticks in but up until now I’ve not done Butlins for Born-agains!
All that is due to change in 2007 though as I’m accidently going to Spring Harvest!
I know what your thinking! “How can you accidently go to Spring Harvest?”
Well we were offered the use of a chalet at Butlins Minehead which is owned by a charity in Newbury. The only dates available were at Easter and I was delighted with this, a holiday! Wahoo 🙂 When I got home, I told the family that we were having a holiday at the seaside and sketched out the details to which my good lady wife replied, “Are you sure we are allowed to be at Butlins as Spring Harvest take over the site at Easter?”
Doh! (I’d completely failed to make the SH connection) and thought that it had all gone pear shaped. However on checking, we are allowed to be at Butlins as the chalet is owned albeit a lot of the normal entertainment etc is not happening as it’s not a regular Butlins week. NO probs, we can still use the swimming pool and can still walk on the beach 🙂 Very excited
So I’m accidently sort of going to (or being next to) Spring Harvest! LOL
Undercover Youthblog report will follow
* re the picture, I looked up Spring harvest on Google images?

7 Replies to “Spring Harvest”

  1. Do you know what Spring Harvest week you’ll be there? If you find yourself around during week 1 (31st Mar – 5th Apr) and come to the Distinctive (11-14’s) venue, I’ll buy you a coffee!

  2. Jon,
    Hey, that’s great! It’s the week I’m there and I’d love to meet you and see the 11-14’s venue!
    Thanks 🙂
    (Oh, that’s assuming I can get in to the Spring Harvesty bit of Butlins …. but I’ll give it a go)

  3. Lucky you! The whole family will enjoy it. Spring Harvest is great, we went once as a family a few years ago and had a great time. I would love to go again but it is to expensive for me now!!

  4. You should be fine getting around the site, I remember staying in the caravan park as a kid and you get access across the site. Stuff like the rides and pool should be OK. The problem you’ll find is getting into venues without a wristband or day-pass.

  5. Hey Ian great that your getting a holiday and that you might be able to meet up with some friends and not to put a downer on your visiting the venue and meeting up with John but you are going for a family holiday and you should be spending your time with them!

  6. Simo
    Thanks for the accountability nag, genuinely appreciated. Don’t worry though I will be family holidaying to the max but I tend to take some time each day when its just me (and then look after the kids at another point to give my wife some space).
    I’m REALLY looking forward to the holiday 🙂

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