Slightly boring Notice(y) post

Jam12.jpgAll sorts of stuff lands on the slightly untidy desk of the Diocesan Youth Adviser and here it is AND without negatively impacting the surface of your workstation 🙂 Don’t say I didn’t tell you!
National Stuff
JAM 12 is now out, great magazine to give to the youth group.
Alton Towers 2007 will be on May 5th. More details from Ultimate Events
Life. Live it Campaign from the Red Cross, get young people First Aid prepared.
Diocesan Stuff

Engage Youth Leader Training
: Core Values 4th Nov,Understanding Learning 24th Feb, Management of work and self 19th May, Models of Youth work 14th July. Details here
Hope 2008: Open meeting that Roy Crowne will be at, looking at how Churches across Oxfordshire can make HOPE 2008 happen in their community. 23rd October 10:30 at the Kings Centre, RSVP or questions to OYW please.