The booking reading continuum

A parcel arrived this morning with a couple of books that I’d ordered, the revised version of The Art of Youth Work and a copy of Don’t shoot! I’m a detached Youth Worker. The initial wahoo of anticipation is soon run over by the bus of reality as I try and work out if/when/how I’m going to read them.
This got me thinking about a continuum on which all books must be placed. The continuum runs from ‘I’m not EVER going to read that‘ (eg a Rosamund Pilcher) right up to ‘Put everything on hold until I have finished reading this book‘ ( e.g Bill Bryson). It also strikes me that this continuum is at an angle running downhill from the Bryson end, it is therefore possible for a book to settle briefly on the line at “I need to read this soon” but to slide through “Going to read when I’ve got chance” before living happily ever after in the LARGE pile defined as “Books I’ve read some of and in an ideal world will finish before I die
I wonder if I should re-order my books on the shelves in keeping with these classifications?
I wonder if I should ask Amazon to be a banned URL until I’ve finished reading the books I have?
So little time, so many books!

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  1. It sounds like a good classification model… buying books is my area of weakness, although I am trying to whizz through a few must-reads while I am on maternity leave before Baby R arrives. My husband has said previously that I can’t buy any more books until I have read all of the ones that I have, but as he is a record collector, i said the argument only works if he never buys another record until he has listened to all of the ones he already has. Ha! Incidentally, due to the number of records, they are not just alphabeticized but also in various categories… maybe this is the way to go with books?

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