Sunday funky Sunday

Sunday was a fabulous day of Churches for me! It’s not often I get to write that being the post modern that I am who struggles with mainstream church services (even though I passionately believe in Church). But a good day it was!
If you’d like to know why then pour yourself a coffee and I will tell all …….
In the Morning I headed up to St Matz in Oxford as they were experimenting with a different patern for their mornimg worship and I really wanted to see how it worked and how the young people connected in with it. (I took my eldest with me which meant I also got to give St Matz a thumbs up on wheel chair access). Anyway, St Matz is a trad’ Anglican shape on the outside but bright, warm and welcoming on the inside. The pews are moveable so they’d be re-arranged to focus in on the middle of the church, with the worship group off to one side. stmatz2.jpg The service started off conventionally enough but after the reading and Talk (which had focused on the theme of Worship) people were encouraged to go and engage with “Worship” at the various zones around the church (all of which were on the planner in the service sheet). My 11 year old immediately wanted to go off to the silent zone in the vestry which was set up for reflective prayer, we then went to the writing zone where there were some questions about us and worship to respond to. I then checked out the cafe zone and spoke to some of the young people who were discussing Bibles on the sofas and lastly caught up with a bit of the stuff around worship and emerging church via a DVD in one of the discussion areas. For the record the service concluded with communion with some wonderful choral singing from the worship group and then a belter of a hymn accompanied by the organ, violin and trumpet.
I came out of church delighted to have had the chance for silent prayer, having participated in the worship and having benefitted from the space to explore and to move. Thumbs up!
stlaunc.jpg In the evening I headed off to St Laurence in Reading, a church that has a VERY strong focus on mission to young people. I arrived a bit late and all the teens/young adults were on the sofas and there was some Bible discussion happening. From there we moved into the chancel where people stood, danced or hid in the choir pews while the worship was led by guitar, voice, beat box and some awesome MC-ing rap. It was incredibly powerful and had a great level of particpation, spontaneity and engagement. LOVED IT! We then all moved into the darkened chapel for a simple eucharist. We stood in a circle around the altar where there was a simple candle and cross as the focus as well as the smell of incense. Came away feeling excited in my heart and spirit. FAB!
Sunday Funky Sunday 🙂

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  1. Sounds very cool! Am so desperate to see more experimental ways to meet together to connect with God. There must be some exciting places in London! Any ideas?

  2. The world is such a funny place. I’ve been reading your blog for ages, and totally didn’t put two and two together when we spoke on Sunday night at St.L’s! Thanks for all your encouragement about our worship…it means loads. I’m really excited about you guys all coming over in a few weeks.
    Didn’t catch your son’s name, but i think you might have a budding percussionist in your midst!

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