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live@6.jpg I was in Wheatley last night for the launch of a new ‘Youth Service’ called [email protected] It was a great evening that a good number of Tweens and Teens participated in.
[email protected] was the vision of the curate, she’d networked and communicated the event well and drawn in lots of people from other churches, organisations and the local theological training college. The result was a good team who were enthusiastic about the event, it also meant there was a critical mass of young people.
The format was a good balance of the relaxed and the structured with a clear idea of what was happening. The church enviroment was welcoming, both because of the team and the funky warm lighting/candles. A couple of fun icebreakers were followed by doughnuts and then everyone assembled on the carpetted area at the front of the Nave. There was a good explanation as to what [email protected] was and how it would work. The worship was explained and worked well. A fun shared activity led into the discussion/learning on values and what Jesus had to say, followed by some time at various prayer stations that had been put together. This was all drawn together with a particpatory version of the Lords prayer and some final worship.
There was then hot chocolate and discussion about where the young people could be involved in [email protected]

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