Keys to successful typing

Regular readers of the blog (Hi both) will know that my laptop keyboard started to lose letters faster than the Post Office. Despite an attempted repair it was never quite right and it was pot luck at whether the “w” appeared or not (if you’ve wondered why ‘ho’ has featured a lot in the blog recently, it’s not an RNB lyric, it’s a ‘How’ or a ‘Who’ without the ‘W!’ ). Anyway those nice people at Dell ‘Exploding Batteries’ Computers have sent me a new keyboard!
new keyboard.jpg
Captains log supplemental: I.T have just told me that they’ve forwarded this post onto our DELL account manager, Doh! (I love my DELL Laptop, honestly).
Oh and if you want to see the disected guts of my laptop and aren’t squeamish about the sight of silicone, read on!


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  1. and who is the superhero fixing said computer ?
    could it be ian the mild mannered youthblogger ?
    surely not !!!

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