John Calvins news round

calvin small.JPG It’s Monday and here is the splurge of news, info and clergy gossip (not really) that has been sucked into the Black Hole of Youth Adviserdom and is now available in your galaxy:
First of all. VERTIGO 4 is this coming Saturday (14th) and it’s looking GOOD. I reckon there’ll be around 500 teenagers there and once again I’m heading up the cafe team, actually that’s only partially true: I would be heading up a Cafe team if they hadn’t all gone off to university and short term mission agencies. SO if you are within a Lightweek of Oxford and would love to join the team, be in touch!
Marlborough are looking for an employed person to join the team. You’ll have to be very versatile AND have large pockets to put business cards in because the the job title is long and all encompasssing. If you feel called to be a:

“Part-time Children and Families Worker/Office Manager for Christchurch Methodist/URC Marlborough”

then let me know and I’ll put you in touch!
Matrix publicity is out now, e-mail for details. Youthwork the conference is imminent. I hope all the female youth workers who will be at “More than Surviving” this week have a blast (and don’t dis’ us blokey workers too much). Greenbelt have announced their theme for 2007, Heaven in Ordinary. I can’t find it on the Soul Survivor web site but the Soulnet conference is running March 2-4th 2007.
A couple of people asked about how I (legally) do wi-fi when I’m out and about? I pay £11 a month to BTopenzone and can log onto shed loads of hot spots around the place. They are offering me some ‘carrots’ if I can persuade anyone else, so if you want to know more, let me know eh 😉
And finally, if you need a reminder that risk assesment and planiing are a good idea. then learn from this less than uplifting scenario! Download file
(Caution, 600k Powerpoint show)

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  1. Moog,
    Sorry about the coffee BUT this in turn made me laugh 🙂 I can’t claim the credit for this one, I came across it somewhere …. may have been ShipofFools or The Winebibber!

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