Interview Question

You need a good sense of humour to be a Youth Minister!
“Well thank you for applying for the post of youth worker at St Hilda’s and Most Angels here in Lower Snitherington. As you’ll appreciate one of the things you will have to have is a good sense of humour!” *Laughs!*
So for this part of the interview we’d like to offer you a picture and ask you to devise a witty caption before we go onto to explore your eschatological position and show you around the village!
penguin protst.jpg

9 Replies to “Interview Question”

  1. and about the time the riot police moved in rocky the penguin decided it might be a wise idea to play dead and pretend SOMEONE ELSE bottled the bikie…

  2. Fathers for Justice knew their days were numbered when Dave “Pingu” Smith took a misdirected pilchard to the beak in a last-ditch attempt to curb the advancing Super-Nannies!

  3. ok… as mentioned at the network…
    “The church commissioners took a dim view of the fresh expression representation of the cucifixion”

  4. ‘Darn, why couldn’t I be one of those birds who can fly?!?’
    or, for those with memories..
    ‘I want to learn to fly!
    I want to live forever….’
    “Alright, who pushed me?”

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