I’m a pukka Youth Worker!

On saturday I graduated (oops, can you graduate if it wasn’t a degree?) from Ruskin and was formally* presented with my JNC certifcate as a qualified Youth Worker. Huzzah
**Throws Hoodie in air**
Been there, done that, got the qualification! I’m a JNC don’t you know 🙂

*It would have been more formal if my son hadn’t been so excited about my achievement that he ran across the hall and cannoned into me shouting “Daddy” while I was accepting my certificate

4 Replies to “I’m a pukka Youth Worker!”

  1. Congratulations, of course its a graduation, an achievement, degree or not! My dad once joked I’d had a dip in youth work and a dip in theology but don’t know a degree about either! 🙂

  2. Well done chum! Yes you get to GRADUATE because you go up a step (so it doesn’t matter what step – hence graduating high school in the US!)

  3. Wooohoooooooo! You made it! How exciting. Hope you got to wear a mortarboard at least for a little while.

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