8 Replies to “Emo vs Nemo”

  1. atari man is so named because he is a computer geek from way back when and has an atari t-shirt he is very proud of.
    how bout “the Rock” vs. the Sock??

  2. Bart vs Barth (as in Bart of simpsons vs german theologian)
    Maggie vs Maggie (as in Maggie of simpsons vs Maggie Thatcher)
    Rowan vs Rowan (as in Archbishop vs Mr Bean . . . already happened in Jonny English . . . !)
    Socrates vs Socrates (Ageing Brazillian footballer vs dead philosopher)
    Cruz vs Cruz (Penelope Cruz, one time love of Tom vs Nicky Cruz, of Run baby Run)
    enough, a bit of work required before I go home

  3. hey ian, did anyone hand in a wallet from the youth network day?? ive lost mine somewhere and cant figure out where it is.

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