“Do not try to call them back to where they were, and do not try to call them to where you are, beautiful as that place may seem to you. You must have the courage to go with them to a place that neither you nor they have been before”
Vincent Donovan

4 Replies to “Discipleship”

  1. O man, i have a photo just like that of a lake in switzerland that i took from a chair lift, tis amazing!! Awesome quote too.

  2. Apparently I’m being overly prissy, so I thought I’d explain – there are ‘assumed truths’ here – that is there are underlying ‘truths’ which are hidden – ie avoid being spoken, and then the zen-like truthfull statements made of assumptions from the assumptions – and you can challenge this pack at any level – I may well do so on my thang – at start showing that it is not as ‘true’ or usefull as it first seems.
    But only if you take time to think about it rather than skim and agree…

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