Contemplative Youth Ministry day

No pressure then! Zac has already included a link to Youthblog on the assumption I’d be publishing some stuff from yesterday’s look at Contemplative Youth Ministry!
contemplative.jpg Yesterday was our termly gathering of Youth worker/ministers from across the Diocese and we met up at the Eton Dorney Centre to look at Contemplative Youth Ministry. I’m very excited about Mark Yaconelli’s book (the main basis for our day) as I feel like it’s given a langauge to the things I was sensing/feeling about youth ministry, for me the book has an enormous sense of “YES!”
This seemed to be the experience of others too and there was a real energy around looking at the themes and being vulnerable about what that meant for us!
The structure of the day was thus (in case it’s useful to anyone else)
2. Exploring the critiques of church/youth ministry levelled in the book
“We don’t know how to be with our kids.
We don’t know how to be with ourselves.
We don’t know how to be with God”

and a summary of the other critiques that our default approach was built around:
Words, Busyness, Answers and Expectations
3. Question: Has your faith and Spiritual life grown or diminished since you started work for the church? and why?
4. Exploring the contrast between anxiety led approaches and love motivated responses to youth ministry (p51)
5. Looking at what it means to the centred in Christ, living from the centre of our lives (quote in extended entry)
6. Question: “What is your deepest hope for the young that you know?”
7. A Contemplative Prayer exercise
8. What does it mean to build a “beloved community” to deliver/live Youth Ministry
9. Prayer for one another
Enormous thanks to Doc Brush-Hamilton and Yvonne von St Matz for the work they did for the day and the top job in leading worship and programme!

“When I look at the world around me, I see very little singing that isn’t play-listed, very little dancing that isn’t connected to soft drinks, very little story-telling that isn’t violent and disjointed, and a complete absence of silence. The sad truth, if we’re willing to be honest, is that youth are being raised in a culture of people who no longer live from the centre of their lives. The results are catastrophic for those of us who seek to tend the spiritual lives of teenagers. Anyone who befriends young people knows they’re people of spirit – people drawn to song, dance, story and silence. We cannot hope to touch the hearts of young people if we have lost our own spiritual rooting”

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  1. A great day Ian, thank you for all the hardwork you put in preparing for the day. Really enjoyed the being at the venue.

  2. hehe sorry ian, jumped the gun 😉 was a really good day, is mark yaconelli the same guy that wrote dangerous wonder?? name sounds familiar…

  3. Mark is Mike’s son.
    Mike was my youth ministry hero from when I was a teenager. Sadly he died three years ago but he was a great inspiration to me.
    Dangerous Wonder is an important book and links in well with Contemplative Youth Ministry, the themes therein flowing from a Christ centred life.

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