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I have at least a couple of meetings a week where the easiset place to rendevous is in central Oxford. This is great for me as it’s only 8 minutes from the office by Brompton (zoooom) and means I escape the desk!
The preferred option until now has been Starbucks but I’d much prefer to go to an independent place rather than be endorsing Globalism. Starbucks had won up to now as I can hook up to the world via T-Mobile (which allows me to surf via my BT Openzone membership) but I’ve been experimenting. I tried Mortons in New Hall Inn St but they have a minimum spend before you can use the wifi and as I only wanted a drink it was a case of, access denied 🙁
On Friday though I discovered Combibos on Gloucester Green (by the bus station) and really liked it! Good welcome, great coffee (fairtrade!) and sublime cheesecake, all with wifi access as long as you bought something! I would have signed up on the spot and declared my defection to Combibos via the blog there and then BUT the connection was not up to much at all. I got so fed up with how slow it was running that I ran a check and clocked it at 79k ie not much faster than dial up!
CAPTAINS LOG SUPPLEMENTAL: Wifi connection now up to speed and I’m adopting COMBIBOS as the watering hole of choice in Oxford.

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  1. Try Green’s cafe on St. Giles street. It’s a very comfortable place to sit and work and have a coffee, and they offer free Wifi.

  2. Hey…just to let you all know that the connection has now indeed been dragged out of the dark ages and is now working properly and quickly!!Come and check it out

  3. Sammy,
    Thanks for the info. I’ve actually been coming in a couple of times a week and have filled my first loyalty card. Will update the review and give the place a plug 🙂

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