I’ve noticed a weird phenomena whereby the moment I blog-roll someone they stop posting. I’m sure this is some sort of bizarre coincidence rather than any sinister blog limiting power, well reasonably sure?
So, an experiment: I’ve blog-rolled the following people and I hope their blogs will go from strength tio strength, if not I could find myself in the weird position where people specifically ask me NOT to link to them.
Chris’ random thoughts
Every little thing
Random voice in the wilderness
Rethinking youth ministry
Oh and welcome back Andy, who was one of several bods who stopped posting immediately after I listed him BUT seems to be back 🙂

2 Replies to “Blog-rolling”

  1. Thanks for adding me…thats great….i’ll definatly be posting….i’m getting the hang of this stuff now
    Chester uni rules….Christian youth work rules….feel free to disagree….check out my blog regularly for new discussion topics….
    thanks again

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