A good nights sleep

Apparently I slept really well last night!
The reason I know this is because last night someone drove a stolen car into the Close where I live. They then set fire to it on the piece of sloping road past my house and let it roll down and crash into the woods (passing a few yards from my car) where it completely burned out. A while later a fire engine turned up to deal with the blaze.
I didn’t know ANY of this until this morning
Apparently I slept really well last night!

4 Replies to “A good nights sleep”

  1. Woah!
    Dude that is pretty exciting/cool… unless it was your car… or… unless you were asleep and missed it which you did. I slept through someone being mugged for their pizza outside my house once but it’s kinda tame compared to your place!

  2. i slept through a fire alarm in a motel that was ringing for 15mins straight once. when i finally did wake up i opened my door to find the ringing bell directly across from my door, looking out the window i saw everyone standing outside like stunned mullets. i walked up to reception, turned the alarm off and went back to sleep. back fires occasionally, like the time the sprinler under my tent came on and i slept through it…

  3. I remember working night shift in a big diy place – one night the fire alarm went off, after awhile some of the guys went round the place to find the ‘missing ones’ still quietly working away and shouted (with much morbid humour) ‘You’re all dead!’ quite a few times until their dangerously high stress levels calmed down…

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