Windmill Conference Centre

wwnd.jpg Having been in Ministry for a lot of years I reckon I’ve stayed in nearly all the christian conference centres in England. There’s a huge variety, although they do all have in common the edict, “Thou Shall strip the bed and placeth the sheets outsideth thine door!”
At the moment however I’m at one I have not stayed at before, it’s Windmill Farm Conference Centre. I’m really impressed with the place, it’s well laid out, friendly, has good food and a great location ….. oh and Wi-fi!
Excuse me though ….. I’ve got to go and strip the bed!
Via comments today, bad habits of christian conference centres? (without naming and shaming the individual centres)

6 Replies to “Windmill Conference Centre”

  1. I’ll vote for giving you the cooked breakfast in stages (e.g. egg and bacon one day, sausage and tomato the next), rather than the full English every day!

  2. lovelly worship music tapes playing while eating gets my vote, especially at breakfast!
    or maybe even being locked out after 11pm!

  3. I’ve always found the provision of so many wardrobes and so few coat hangers puzzling. Most centres work on a 1:1 basis.
    At home I employ a ratio of about 1:30, on a short term visit of up to a week I would favour 0:0.

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