Youth Emmaus and Youth Alpha

I am helping put together an article on Youth Emmaus and Youth Alpha (plus any other nurture courses you’ve used with young people). I’d love to know some stories of how it worked in your setting, I also really really want some stories from young people and what they made of it.
Can you help?

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  1. I’m using them at the mo for the third time.
    I would say my experience is that youth emmaus has some really great stuff but sometimes feels like its for 8 year olds not teens so I use a combination of Youth Emmaus and Emmaus (same old same old I suppose). I’ve also used Emmaus with an adult group and I have to say I do really like it.
    When I see you ask me more as there is more!

  2. We used Youth Emmaus with my youth group. We liked the creative activities like making bread and friendship braclets with fimo. It made the course more holistic than many study courses.

  3. Fusion runs a Youth Foundations quite often in Oz. It’s the whole Foundations course n ot dumbed down in any way but presented in a way that is youth friendly and has lots of games and plenty of energetic activities in the spare moments. Im not sure if it’s quite the same as Alpha, I think that’s a week by week program?? Whereas Youth Foundations runs mainly as a week long residential.
    As for stories from young people, I did YF when I was sixteen, I found the course extremely practical and it was the starting point of my becoming a Youth Worker.
    (Ive kind of assumed you know what Foundations is as you’ve given it a Plug on the Blog before)

  4. We’ve just started an Milton Keynes-wide Youth Alpha – organised by four/five Churches but open to all – so prod me again in about 11 weeks and I’ll let you know how it went.

  5. I took part in the Youth Emmaus course for my confirmation which was lead by Sarah B and I really liked the way in which each of the sessions were varied on the topics which were under discussion and it related with everyday life. We shared personal opinions and learnt more about the teachings within the bible and how they relate to modern life. Our confirmation group was small (three of us) and they way in which it was run made me comfortable and really made you think about how the teachings surround us in everyday living.
    Good luck with the article,
    Andy K

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