Woosh went the weekend

ireesistible revolution.jpg The weekend is over and I have that “Oh no, it’s school tomorrow!” feeling. But it’s been a cracking weekend, I started reading this book by Shane Claiborne …. fab book which is exciting and challenging me in equal parts. Review to follow when i have finished reading it (I would have read more but my lovely wife was so taken with the book that she swiped it and completed it first).
I spent some great time with the family and we finally got our tent back into the bag after bringing it home wet from a camping weekend A MONTH AGO!
I cycled quite a long way and also spent time wondering where in the picture the frisbee is? I have seen said frisbee and firmly believe it should stay out of the shot 😉
Oh and I’ve been invited to do two talks, one on ‘Sex’ and one on ‘Predestination’! I wonder if (to save making two journies) I could combine the two talks? Suggestions for a title please!

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  1. ‘how do i know that this is the partner I’m destined to be with’
    ‘i’m a destined to be a virgin all my life’
    ‘calvanist conception’
    ‘calvanist coital conversations’
    i could play this game all day!

  2. Moog, thanks for the suggestions. The title I came up with, I don’t think I can get away with.
    It was also the title of a film in which a captive Killer Whale was returned to the Ocean.

  3. Yes, airing those tents is so important. Mine are still up in the garden (about to get rained on I think), having been aired, slept in by the kids, taken to Soul Survivor, aired in the back garden again, slept in by the kids again, left up while I went off to SU camp, taken on family holiday, put up in the garden again, slept in by kids and all their friends again, and… and… I’ll take them down tomorrow. If its sunny.
    Mind you, forgot to air them last year and found large quantities of rot on the inner tent this time round (which the yp were strangely squeamish about – no sense of adventure [sigh]).

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