Where are you coming from?

This is rather a cool web site (although I have ENORMOUS sympathy for whoever inputted all the data), it’s called Surname Profiler and it will show you which counties have the greatest concentration of your surname for 1881 and 1998. You can then get an idea of which county your forebears mostly partied in and where they are now.
Great fun! As I failed to record Dot in my “I spy” update I’ll use Gosling as the example. So here’s where the 1881 Goslings hung out! The purple is the most prevelant, so East Anglia was home but there’s already a good number up North waiting for Chester University to be built.
Thought you could run a funky youthwork session around this looking at where young people’s family came from and some of the habits/characterisics they’ve inheritted from the Family. Then going onto explore where people have had experiences or moments that have shaped their faith characteristics and influenced what they believe and what difference that makes.

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