Talk like a Pirate, Arrr

ITLAPD.jpg An important reminder that September 19th is imminent, this is one of the most important commemerative celebration days on the international calender! It would therefore be wise to spend the weekend readying yourself and the youth group for the annual “Talk Like a Pirate Day”
The official web page is here, the UK version here and some background via Wikipedia here! If you are looking for some help with the linguistic nuances of Piratical patter then here is a useful intro!
Given how many serious but improbable days, weeks of __________ (insert anything) awareness there actually are, that do in fact end up sounding rather silly, I’m delighted to embrace a day that is deliberately and intentionally silly ….. NOW that is something I can take seriously, arrrrr!
If anyone has got any swashbuckling malarkey plans for Tuesday then do tell. Bring on the silliness …..
Don’t say I didn’t be tellin’ you!

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