spontaneity and the sanity break

I nipped into Oxford this morning, pedalling into the city of spires as a sanity break from the Office! These sanity breaks are REALLY important as I am not designed to cope with being still for long periods of time. It is however unclear as to whose sanity benefits the most from a break, mine or the rest of the Office.
Anyway despite the usual gladitorial battle with the traffic (which I always win) I had no particular plans other than coffee! Cycling past the station I was riding through the lights* at the same time as Dave Wiles was crossing. Dave Wiles, youth work legend, FYT boss and all round top bod! So we went for a coffee and had a great chat about youth ministry and the like. I love spontaneous meetings!
And the other great spontaneous discovery today was that Youthblog features in a links list on a Wikipedia article, which I am very chuffed about 🙂
*For the record the traffic light was green and I was not crashing the lights, Dave was late crossing

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  1. Not only do you get a link but you are one of only five on an American entry very impressive, we stand (well actually I’m sitting it’s easier to type that way) in awe!

  2. I seem to remember Robert Scoble commenting how chuffed he was to find that somebody else had written a page about him on Wikipedia – although I think he was also slightly un-nerved about how much information the person who wrote the page was able to pull together about him!
    So whose going to write the Ian MacDonald page on Wikipedia then? 😀

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