Oxford is so cool

Yesterday I had a meeting in central Oxford so I unfolded my trusty folding bike and zipped into the City. So in a bizzare confluence of stuff, I am then meeting a Youth worker in the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Cafe which is in the grounds of the castle outside of which a TV crew are filming some stuff for Lewis (the spin off from the Morse TV series). I thought this mix of the medieval, the modern, American fast food and the British Media all in the same place was quite fun!
I note that the camera was positioned so that you’d never know that Colin Dexter (pictured) was standing right by the doughnut shop, I took the photo from the entrance! I do however like to think that if you listen carefully when this programme is finally aired that you’ll hear the click, click, clunk of my bike being folded/unfolded in the background 🙂
Also, if you are in Oxford go and try Krispy Kreme! They were very supportive of a youth event we ran so I’m giving them a plug by way of thanks!

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  1. Hhhmm. They weren’t so supportive of my youth venture… they refused to give me any free doughnuts because I was working with young people and it encouraged childhood obesity. As they are so health conscious, I expect that they turn away any unaccompanied under 16s from their cafe in Enfield, even if they are paying?…
    By the way, trivia boffs, Enfield had the first Krispy Kreme cafe in the Uk and what is more it is a drive through. So there. And we had the first cash machine in the whole world. Beat that

  2. oh i love krispy kreme – when they’re hot. not the biggest fan of them when they are room temp. but i guess that’s why we have microwaves.

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