Matrix 2007: Freedom to Flourish

Matrix the Conference. Be there! (oh and come to my seminar PLLLLEEEAASSSSSE).
It is the best Christian Youthwork conference in the Universe (probably) and my favourite.
Matrix: Freedom to Flourish March 5-7th 2007
Matrix banner.jpg
For the booking form and info Download file Click, print, fill-in and post, see you there!
Thanks Moog

6 Replies to “Matrix 2007: Freedom to Flourish”

  1. One of the regular frustrations with the matrix publicity is it never really tells you enough. Compare it with Youth Work the Conference. The matrix is excellant but I have problems telling people about it as there’s nothing really on the publicity or a website to back it up.

  2. Sudden realisation that there just might be more than one Kathryn’s in this world. If that’s not the Kathryn I thought I look forward to meeting you anyway!

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