Looking for a youth activity?

skydiver2.gifIf you’ve been a youth leader/worker for a while then you’ll have taken groups to ALL the usual activities: Canoeing, Climbing, Theme Park, Bowling et etc etc ad-infinitum. The pursuit for something really different and truly memorable is a difficult one and especially one that actually welcomes AND likes young people.
Reading through YPN today I came across the definitive answer!!!! Indoor Skydiving, how cool is this?
So if you are in mininbus range of Milton Keynes and can secure some funding, GO FOR IT! (There’s also a centre in Bedfordshire) Oh and if you would like the Diocesan Youth Adviser to accompany you, I reckon I can make time 😉

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  1. So then we can all have really attractive pics of ourselves… ;oP The pics of me fromt he sky-diving part of my parachute jump are not pretty but the activity was pretty awesome it must be said. I shall look into it…

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