Key donor and Tippex engineering solution

My Dell laptop thankfully was not amongst those that spectacularly combust and were recalled. Regular reader(s) will know though that it has a curious affliction whereby keys drop off and go AWOL, first the ‘Z’ and then the ‘W’ have vanished in this manner.
Having being a Church based worker I am adept at improvising and also furnishing DIY repairs (Gaffa tape is a staple requirement for Youth ministers I reckon) and so I have had a bash at fixing the Laptop. Using the weird key below the escape button for which I know of no purpose and the “Alt Gr” key (again, no idea) as donors I have then grafted them into the correct position and then applied Tippex to re-mark them.
You probably can’t tell at all as it’s such a good job but for the more observant and technically adept, here’s the results of the invisible repair 😉

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  1. I guess you don’t write in foreign languages then… Alt Gr is a neat way of getting to the accents “Alt Gr” + “a” = á and so on.
    “Alt Gr” + “4” = € (handy for business bods)
    In MS applications it opens a world of “fun” for most keys
    ¬ and ¦ are useful in certain scripting languages and used by software bods.
    If you want replcaement keys you might be interested in:

  2. My Dell does the same too. I have lost the T key and the up and down arrows. Dell are rubbish I believe! They must be if someone is selling the keys on ebay! It must be a really common problem!

  3. The Alt Gr button has a big function here in Belgium. We use this key to use with the number keys above the letters.
    1 – |
    2 – @
    3 – #
    4 – {
    5 – [
    6 – ^
    9 – {
    0 – }
    En also with the buttons at the right of the letters:
    Next to P
    ^¨[ $*]
    Next to L
    mM ù%´ µ£
    Next to M
    ,? ;. :/ =+~

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