International Talk like a Pirate day

Well it is Talk Like a Pirate Day and sadly there does not appear to be any appropriate liturgy or even a prayer in the book of common worship!
Can someone please draft a suitable prayer that I can a) use and b) pass onto ITLAP HQ!
(Go on, you know you want to)

3 Replies to “International Talk like a Pirate day”

  1. Ourrr Great Captain who be’s in Heaven,
    Honour be to yourrr fearsome name.
    Yourrr Kingdom come and yarrr will be done,
    On the deck and the cpn’s cabin.
    Send fair sails and seas and deliver us to treasure!!

  2. dear lord may the ones who hate us turn their hearts, and the ones who are after us turn their ankle so we can spot them comeing aaarrrr

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