Have you got a license to do that?

I see Licensing for Youth Workers is still on the agenda so there’s still chance to join my campaign that the license has to be a metal badge in a leather folder (ala the NYPD)
Youthworker, “Stand back folks, I’ll handle this (flashes badge)
Crowd, “Phew it’s OK, the youth worker is here!”
You may have spotted that the Faithful Cities report recommended that youthworkers are given Key Worker status!
I want it to go further though, we want flashing blue lights for our cars/bicycles!

4 Replies to “Have you got a license to do that?”

  1. Unlike the rather nifty ‘cool’ photo you’ve got – you’d need the standard ‘back against the wall and face the camera’ look, if this thing were to get through…
    You’d also be involving the state in policing what it is to be a ‘Youth Worker’ and that would also open up the possibility of the state saying what a ‘Youth Worker’ does.
    Would you be happy with that as well.
    If you really want a badge, I could track down some of my creative friends from the re-enactment folk and see if I could get one made for you…

  2. I don’t really think I’m in favour of the license as I can’t see it being workable. There’s also a huge danger that it would limit even more the number of adults who invest time with young people.
    I was more messing around on this particular post but it will need to be seriously debated at some point. It’ll also get a bit messy ‘cos as a Christian I share many of the youth work values but ministry is more than and different to youth work.
    I need to reflect a bit more I think 🙂

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