Embracing my inner weekend

I love weekends! My daughter and I are sitting in the lounge chilling and listening to her CD’s. She’s really into a wide range of music and we’re mellowing out to some truly eclectic stuff, currently some great African music. Before that we were listening to ’99 Luftballons’ by Nena and I was trying to explain the Cold War to her in order to make sense of the song. (The cold war seems to make even less sense when you try and explain it). I did lead to the discovery of this FANTASTIC 80’s site though which has a great biog of each band and an awesome lyrics listing. Oh we’re onto Sandi Thom now and both wishing we were Punkrockers .. or at least singing to that effect.
I can’t remember why I started writing this entry? I think I meant to write about the Tweenagers training I was delivering this morning and posting this link if you were there and wanted more info!
I have a meeting with Ruth Hassall of CPAS on Monday to discuss Tweenagers as we are co-writing a GROVE booklet on Tweens. Do I then get to claim to be an author or am I merely a co-author?
Tomorrow is a family get together as my parents have been married for 50 years! I’d post my congratulations here but my folks never read my blog ….. I bet however that mum buys about 70 copies or the Tweenagers book even if I’m only the co-author 🙂

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  1. And while you’re at it, try http://www.80scartoons.co.uk, which has loads of clips of theme tunes and stills from various kids’ TV programmes. An absolute gem of a site (although perhapos more entertaining if you grew up with these shows, as opposed to having watched them in a post-ironic sort of way when you were too old for the target audience but enjoyed them on a ‘different level’..?! 😉 )

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