5 Replies to “The Youthblog conundrum”

  1. hey Ian, ive been trying to figure out for a while now what site/provider you actually use for youthblog. my best guess so far is live journal or there was another one connected with that that i forget. Anyway, decided to swallow my pride and ask (?)
    i like the setup and the different tricks you seem to be able to set up on the blog so i was trying to figure out if youre just a web site genius or whether i can sign up to something similar.

  2. Zac,
    LOL, I definitely cannot claim Genuis Status!
    The blog is hosted on the Diocesan Web Site and I use Moveable Type as the Publishing Platform.
    Fortuntely the web master at Church House is a Genius and was able to do the complex set up initially.
    There are a few in-built shortcuts but MT requires more messing with HTML (and has less automatic shortcuts) than Typepad (which is the fully hosted version of MT), hence blog-roll etc is not in alphabetical order. Where MT really scores though is the Search function so the blog can be searched for previous posts, the ‘search’ in Truetype doesn’t work in Firefox and isn’t great with Internet Explorer.
    I’m really glad you like the format as I wondered whether it looked too basic with only a central and right hand column. All atttempts to create a left hand colum have ended in disaster.

  3. nah, loving the simplicity and the ability to track back to previous posts.
    blogger is fairly easy to use but becomes rather painful as you try to play with it, i think im lacking the required geekiness/technical expertise to really perfect it.

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