I finally got around to taking the offspring to see Cars at the cinema (better late than never) and Wow is it ever a stunning piece of animation. The charcterisation, the numan.jpgimaginative detail and especially the jaw dropping quality of the animation are all extrodinary. I am even prepared to over-look the fact that plot wise it was a re-hash of Doc Hollywood. Although lacking in the originality stakes, the dialogue and humour were well up to Pixar standards, great fun! Bonus points too for coming up with a new gimmic for the post credits malarkey, don’t leave the cinema ’til you’ve seen this 🙂
As wow as the film was though it still left me slightly uncomfortable. The celebration of automotive freedom, the promotion of driving for pleasure and the view that traffic could be a towns’ redemption felt so at odds with enviromental realities and the societal damage the car does, that it just felt kinda wrong. But, a great piece of film!
Useful Clips: Not that many spring to mind as it was a bit formulaic in it’s story but I may end up using the Doc Hudson interaction with Lightning, at the dirt track, for training on Mentoring.
P.S Decided to go a bit cryptic with the picture, general feeling of well-being obtained by working out the connection

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  1. The Mr Numan reference I’ll give you credit for (though you are showing your age!)… but, I am a bit worried that you feel comfortable to admit to having even a working knowledge of the plot of’Doc Hollywood’!

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