Best Tuck bar in the Diocese

I am pleased to announce the winner of the BEST Tuck Bar in the Diocese awards, henceforth known as the TiBDA awards. I know I forgot to actually tell anyone they existed but nevertheless the 2006 award goes to
*Drum Roll*

The CORE Youth Club
at St Peters and St Leonards Church in Iver *Cheering, Applause*
iver bar.jpg
There is a serious point to this as so much GREAT relational stuff can happen if there’s a place a youth group to sit and chat over food (or Tuck) and so I’m now taking nominations for the 2007 TiBDA aards which will include a new catergory of “Best non permenant (or improvised) Tuck Bar”
I also hope we can have a serious discussion on non junk alternatives that various groups have discovered to sell. At the moment a lot of the merchandise is an ‘e’ filled sugar fest at most youth groups. Simon articulates the struggle well, here AND Sarah suggests a definitive answer here although I’d probably disagree 😉
Can of Coke and three packets of smarties, anyone ……….

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  1. Well… certainly not Smarties as they’re made by Nestle nowadays and if people don’t understand why that’s a problem (
    I think the other consideration is the fair trade angle. We should make a commitment as Christians to a principle of fair trade but the lack of variety and the lack of budget doesn’t make this always possible.
    I think the thing to do is explore the whole idea with the young people and discuss the whole CHOICES thing and why we might reject certain products over others for whatever reason.

  2. heard something interesting the other day on the topic of nestle.
    apparently the whole baby milk thing was back in the 70’s and doesn’t happen anymore so there’s not a whole lot of point in carrying a thirty year grudge and the other thing was that the milk was given free to mothers who weren’t getting enough nutrients in their diet to prduce breast milk, the big issue was that they didn’t tell the parents tey needed to use CLEAN water and so they mixed the formula with dirty water and that caused a world of trouble.
    not a huge buff on the whole situation but it was interesting to hear a different perspective on the issue. (also to properly boycot nestle you are cutting out a huge amount of products, far more than you’d think as Nestle own all sorts of things that you wouldnt expect)

  3. Zac,
    I think you may have run into some PR spin there as there is FAR more to the issue. Have a look at the web site Sarah flagged up.
    Also here’s a quote from ECOLOGIST magazine:
    “Where Nestlé, and the Infant Food Manufacturers Association that it dominates, leads, other companies have followed, and when companies like Nestlé are caught breaking the Code, the strategy
    is simple, but effective – initiate complex and boring discussions with organisations at WHO or WHA level about how best to interpret the Code in the hopes that these will offset any bad publicity and divert attention from the harm caused by these continual infractions”
    also an article in the Guardian,4273,4118833,00.html

  4. Oooh can I throw in a nominee?
    I gotta say Swindon YFC and Churches have a great system going on. (Lol, no I’m not being paid to plug them… in fact, I’m not being paid for anything!) A week’s school’s mission, with a band from Innovation Trust, is followed by setting up a ‘Cafe Base’. They’ve got one in a Jax Bar that takes place every tuesday, food n drinks (all non alcholic) available at the bar, and mad games, battles of the band, and group discussions of an outreach kind all going on. So a cafe feel which subtley does outreach! It’s fantastic and really means that the work done on a mission doesn’t go to waste.
    Hehe so yes, great way of combining tuck and outreach! Oh an of course, one of the greatest (most style conscious) tuck bars of all time… VERTIGO CAFE! hehe. I doubt you get blinded by green tshirts anywhere else…

  5. Checked out the links, gotta be honest, didn’t know that much about it in the first place, may definitely have caught the PR spin…
    Coffee would be cool, send me an email and we can hook something up ;] (even got in pirater reference!!)
    [email protected]
    looking forward to it, ARRR!!

  6. sorry for late comment. Was told a gd story last wk. Yr 8 boy given an outline of the world atlas and told to colour it in. Father notices it is all green and wonders aloud whether the countries would look better in different colours. Response – “what part of colouring in do you not understand?”!

  7. egarding the nestle baby milk thing – mothers don’t actually have a choice in many countries in the developing world betweeen using dirty or clean water – the only water is dirty so in order to feed their babies nestle milk they were always giving them contaminated milk. Nestle marketed their product aggressively in the hospitals aswell as giving away lots of free stuff. It was sold as the ‘modern and sophisticated way to feed your baby and more hygienic’. but as I said mothers often don’t have the luxury of clean water. Breastfeeding also acts as a form of contraceptive (though not totally reliable) so this also helps to space families where no contraception is available. I’m willing to do some research and find out if Nestle are ‘clean’ now but I wouldn’t believe what they say – they have never been honest in their practices in the developing world so far.

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