Belt up will you

Sept 18th is B day! Seat belt regulations are changing in the UK as I expect most people realise BUT just in case here’s the Youthblog low-down, my take on where we stand on car seats (as it were).
The full changes are here but the bit that may effect youthworkers is that any child who is a a passenger in the car BUT is not yet 12 AND under 135 cm’s needs to be sitting on a booster seat in addition to having a correctly fitted seatbelt. In actual fact though, most 11 year olds are this height already … but if you are working with much younger young-people you may need to invest in a few booster seats (which don’t need to have backs, despite the photo’s being used in various adverts), these are relatively inexpensive and a worthwhile investment.
Oh and if you have a Youth group mascot, you’ll be needing one of these in addition* ……..
dog booster2.jpg
*not because of the legislation you understand, merely so pooch can see out of the window!

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