Are you still going on about Greenbelt?

I’m supposed to be writing an article about Greenbelt for the Diocesan Newspaper but it’s proving quite difficult, partially because I have a black belt in procrastination and partly because I keep finding infinitely better reviews online than I can create. This quote being a case in point from Steve lawson:
”Greenbelt was entirely integral and vital to my developing into a human being, helping me deal with increasing levels of discomfort at what was happening in the various churches I attended, and also providing me with the link between social and political activism and faith. Greenbelt has always been about the intersection of the arts, spirituality and social activism – using the arts to reflect on what our spirituality compels us to do”
I spy 140.jpg A while back the “z” key dropped off my laptop, the “w” has now joined it. This is also making writing more tricky. (I e-mailed IT and asked for advice when the “z” left and they sent me an e-mail full of Z’s and suggested I cut and paste! Which made me laugh)
The missing letter challenge and procrastination gives me chance to update my I SPY book of bloggers from Greenbelt. I spotted (left to right) Andrew Jones (alias Tall Skinny Kiwi) at the Nizlopi gig, Dave (42) Warnock at the Wib gathering, Dave (Cartoon Church) signing his book at the CT Yurt and Phil (Headway Youth) at a gig in the Traidcraft tent. Loads of points eh!
Oh and the piccy of Dave reminds me that if you don’t understand the Church of England you should buy Dave’s book. It won’t help your understanding at all but you’ll get to chortle out-loud at the way Dave sees it.

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  1. Dot,
    OOOpppps sorry. I should have taken a photo of you and given you due credit.
    I have added you to the blog-roll by way of apology and I’ll get an official “I spy” shot at the LICC day in September? or Matrix?

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