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Chortling muchly ……
This version of Footprints in the Sand is fantastic! Managing to make me laugh and actually be more authentically inspiring than the cheesy original (like the example to the right), top top stuff!
From The Gaffney Journal
via YSMarko
I’ve always kicked against the cheesy triteness that some seem to represent Christianity as. Re-visiting ‘Footprints’ put me in mind of a fantastic song by All Star United, called La La Land that they played at Greenbelt.
“The question isn’t whether it’s true
The question- “Is it working for you?”
Marshmellow Skies
And custardy pies
And nothing’s too hard to do
They’re five happy verses or so
They told me all I needed to know
Ignore all the rest
Trials and tests
And threats to my comfort zone
Well I’ve got no time to find out what’s real
I stick with what I happen to feel
It feels grand
When you’re livin’ in lala land
You can name a blessing yourself
Stake a claim on power and wealth
And strong healthy teeth
A spot at the beach
……… ”

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  1. That reminds me of the amusing version I heard Tim Vine and John Archer recite. They did the whole poem, but at the end in answering the question about why there was only one set of footprints they answered “cos that is when we hopped together” and they both hopped off stage.

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