And so I’m back from Outer Space

I’m back by the way! I know I was supposed to take August off but ‘blogito ergo sum’ is the Youthblog moto and hence typing once more … AND a couple of days early.
The break was great and I was able to get some serious cycling in, although not serious enough it seems as the big bad cyclo-sportive event I had entered knocked the stuffing out of me and I failed to complete the thing 🙁
3rdshed.jpg I managed to use some of the time to pioneer some more emerging shed ministry and built this new expression from scratch. Although much smaller than previous models I think it makes a worthwhile contribution. (I have also now eclipsed even “Arthur ‘2 sheds’ Jackson” with this third structure).
I had a great time with the family including very funky day trip to the Isle of Wight. I had fun at a residential, dropped into Soul Survivor, caught up on some work and had an absolute blast at Greenbelt. It was good to have the space over the summer to pray and to think.
Having more time also allows you to notice the stuff that’s happening around you. I never fail to be amazed at how our culture trivialises the serious and makes serious the trivial!
Currently amusing me, This packet of Toilet cleaning wipes that is a “LIMITED EDITION!” Should we be using them or holding on to this rare highly collectable example of household cleansing?