Vertigo Social Action

As some of you know the churches in Oxfordshire have been working together on the VERTIGO project to bring young people together and inspire/enable them to live their faith. The first two events were worship, teaching type gigs but with a chance for young people to discover and meet other christians from their schools. All the teens who wanted to commit to living their faith could take some ‘dog tags’ on that carried the VERTIGO strap line “Don’t look down” and Hebrews 4:12
Well the Saturday just gone was the chance to put faith into Action with a NOISE type project in Oxford and it was AWESOME. I’d had very little to do with this one so was absolutely gob-smacked by what the VERTIGO crew pulled off. There were about 200 young people and following on from some worship and teaching , they headed into Broad Street to help the Council with a recycling promotion before then heading off to different places around Oxford for some social action. The teen teams all travelled by public transport so there wasn’t an influx of kids arriving in minibuses and promoting the wrong idea (i.e invasion rather than service). The teens then worked with people in the community on whatever needed doing where they were. Class. Just so many things came together for the project that it really felt that God was blessing the stuff that was happening.
Back at the venue later there was such a buzz. LOADSA free food (local buisness’s had been SO supportive) and the footy for those who wanted it. The Sumo suits were also a big hit (literally). We also had a BIG BROTHER video diary room so the young people could recored their experiences!
Fab day: Next ordinary VERTIGO on Oct 14th

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  1. I was at Vertigo 🙂 My group was litter-picking at Wood Farm and it was amazing how we all worked together as if we’d known each other for ages. The short talk at the beginning was inspiring, and we had a great day even if the football made it bitter-sweet.

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