The wedding preacher

lgowd.jpg I’m preaching at a wedding tomorrow, how cool is that? Very excited because they’re such a top top couple and Phil used to be in the Youth group when I was the Yoof Wurka at St Nix.. After a lot of pseudo preperation I think I’ve decided on the message, which will be, “Marriage is a jolly good thing!”
Way to go Hannah and Phil and I’ll see you in time for the 2:30 kick off, thank you for the enormous honour of allowing me to speak at your wedding! (Especially as they know I have NEVER preached at a wedding before).
Still haven’t quite resolved how you do the talking to the couple AND the congregation simultaneously thing?

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  1. Chatting to a Vicar the other day on this kinda thing (festivals etc.) His view was… you get weeks of marriage preperation with the couple, but this is the only time you might have to speak to the vast majority of the congregation… so don’t speak to the couple, one would hope all that 1 Cor13 stuff should have been covered by now anyway… speak to the congregation about the transforming (life changing) power of love that is able to reconcile and unite – Creator and created… that kind of thing

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