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Crusaders are running a residential for DJ’s and Musicians, it’s called Rock School and they’d also like to develop a similar event for those interested in video/media. Paul Windo was wandering if anyone else is doing anything similar in order not to overlap and to see what they can learn from others experience, or if there are people out there interested in getting involved. The full text of Paul’s question is below, e-mail him if you have any info as I was unable to contribute any contacts. Thanks 🙂

Hi Ian
Hope life, work and blogging are treating you well. Was hoping to pick your
brain regarding a possible future project Crusaders may be starting. You may
(or may not!) be aware that we are running a musicians/DJs residential this
autumn, called ‘Rock School’ ( and depending on how it
goes, we may look to add a similar one for people interested in video /
media / multimedia.
So my question is two-fold:
1.) Do you know of any organisations / denominations / church groups etc
that already run video/media residentials for young people (or year-out
schemes for kids interested in these practical giftings)?
2.) Do you know of any of the above or even individuals who might be
interested in partnering with or coming on board to put a video/media
residential together, who are worth contacting?
Please forgive me for ‘harvesting’ your contacts but I’m really keen a.) not
to reinvent the wheel and b.) get as wide a range of input as possible. I
know you have a good grasp of what’s going on out there plus I figured you
might be interested in what we are considering.
As I said before, this is by no means a definite project, but who knows what
the future holds for it!
Thanks for your help

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