I think I got away with it

The wedding preach went well and I was so thrilled to have played a part in what was a wonderful Christian wedding. The day saw so much laughter a few emotional tears shed too. Witnessing a former member of the youth group get married is so cool, in this case with the added bonus that another former Youth groupee was the Best Man and delivered THE finest wedding speech I have ever heard.
The Church was St Pauls in Salisbury which is a very cool Anglican church that’s had the ditch the pews refurb and added some techno accesories too. The ambience and comfy seats were fab from a preaching point of view but the techno side was a little intimidating. It’s one thing to preach, it’s quite another to preach while behind you is the projection of you BUT larger, much larger…. I can’t think of a more effective way of making you self conscious about gesticulation, however the magnified drops of nerve induced sweat were probably good for humility (but not great viewing). Hey Ho!

The wedding preacher

lgowd.jpg I’m preaching at a wedding tomorrow, how cool is that? Very excited because they’re such a top top couple and Phil used to be in the Youth group when I was the Yoof Wurka at St Nix.. After a lot of pseudo preperation I think I’ve decided on the message, which will be, “Marriage is a jolly good thing!”
Way to go Hannah and Phil and I’ll see you in time for the 2:30 kick off, thank you for the enormous honour of allowing me to speak at your wedding! (Especially as they know I have NEVER preached at a wedding before).
Still haven’t quite resolved how you do the talking to the couple AND the congregation simultaneously thing?

Bebo et al

bebo.jpg In answer to the query in the comments (hi Alison, hi Tim) this is Bebo! It’s a Social Networking site (other examples, Friendster and MySpace but there are lots more) where you can create an online profile for yourself and then meet and interact with other people around shared interests, music, location or entirely randomly. Social Networking is massive culturally and Friendster for example has 16 million members and that is WAY below the figures for MySpace! Members of YOUR youth group will have a profile on one of these sites, ask them about it?
This is what Bebo have to say in answer to the question, “Why would I become a member of Bebo?”

“Who wouldn’t want to be a member of Bebo? Everyone who is anyone is a member of Bebo. Even the Queen is on Bebo*. (Although her homepage is private and only visible to her personal friends, footmen and corgis. You can tell when she’s online though, because the internet is flown at half mast.)

Bebo is the online community allowing you to share photos and blogs, draw on your own and other member’s White Boards and, oh, a ton of other stuff too. A ton. Literally a ton.**

Perhaps you’re a student? If you’re at school then instead of bunking off maths and having a crafty smoke round the back of the chemistry labs, why not use your time more wisely and get your school or college onto Bebo where you can hang out with other students?

Ditto if you’re at college or University. Why not try getting up earlier than lunchtime for once and getting online to Bebo? Plus you can join your old school or college as an Alumni so you can up with past students or warn current ones about those weird teachers.

* Possibly.
** Not literally”.


Youthblog rambles (no change there then)

YWsex.gif Am currently involved in an archeological dig following rumours that somewhere beneath the detrius left over from Yellow Braces and all the mail that arrived while I was away, there is a desk. Digging through the various sub-strata of papers, these are the things that can be dealt with by converting to html before binning 🙂
The August edition of Youthwork is out and it is majoring on sex, big time ……. some really good articles in there! (sadly no funny job adverts this time which is bad news for this blog).
The MATRIX conference has published more details, It’s March 5-7th at High Leigh conference centre. It will focus on four areas, the theologian, the leader, the missionary and the prophet. Booking forms will be in Sept/Oct Youthwork magazine.
The Grove youth series in growing and selling well. The latest title, “Can we have a chat” a look at working safely with young people one to one by Jon Langford is out, well worth a look.
Interesting article in the Guardian investigating how much personal info/photo’s young people put onto Bebo, myspace etc and the danger that represents.
I’m not sure how this fell into my In Tray but if Gospel music is your bag then you may want to check the Star Awards evening thingy out! The event will be held at Symphony Hall in Birmingham at 7pm on 2 September 2006 and will be hosted by UK Gospel Music Ambassador Noel Robinson and Birmingham’s Nikki Tapper from BBC WM.
And if you are a bit too busy at the moment then this piccy will either make you laugh or cry …..

Boldly going ………..

No posts for a couple of days as I’m pedalling around Wales at NON warp factor 0.000004 (it’s VERY hilly) and generally boldy going anywhere that the road seems to be leading. It’s kind of a a retreat, a bit of an adventure and a good chance to train for the 110 mile Cyclosportive event in the summer that I’ve accidently entered.
far trek web.jpg

Rock School

Crusaders are running a residential for DJ’s and Musicians, it’s called Rock School and they’d also like to develop a similar event for those interested in video/media. Paul Windo was wandering if anyone else is doing anything similar in order not to overlap and to see what they can learn from others experience, or if there are people out there interested in getting involved. The full text of Paul’s question is below, e-mail him if you have any info as I was unable to contribute any contacts. Thanks 🙂

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Gernillub and the Kingdom of God

jump smaller.jpg While I was driving last week I was thinking about how to explain Christian community to the young people coming to Yellow Braces, how to explain Kingdom stuff in non-religious language. At camp I really want EVERYONE to experience being accepted and valued and them being an important part of the event. Whilst for the christians, I should be preaching to the converted (as it were), I really want those who don’t come from a christian experience to not only understand what’s happening but give them permission to live it.
As I was thinking about how I might explain, it struck me that what I was talking about was the exact opposite to Bullying, i.e Going out of your way to build people up, not knock them down. Seeking to include and value not isolate and devalue. To gain the best result for the other person, not for yourself. So I turned the word backwards and came up with a phonetic version of gniyllub …….. Gernillub!
So I told the camp about Jesus and the way that he valued and included people, the way he looked at the real person, not just what people saw. I explained how this camp lived out Gernillub and that’s what I wanted them to do. Anyway, they got it and they did it. It was so cool each day to give examples of the great Gernillubing that we’d noticed. It was also a great way of discussing the difference Jesus wants to make to us and to our communities.
I thought I’d writet it up in case it’s useful to anyone else.
PS: I tried to find on the web if anyone else had also had this idea? and there is this site I don’t understand? and a Google page back to front? so I still don’t know.

Yellow Braces

YB06 notices.jpgThis weekend saw our annual Diocesan Youth Camp, ‘Yellow Braces’, happening at Hill End in Oxfordshire. It was an awesome event and I’m SOOOO tired but muchly encouraged. We had 60 teens, a team of 21 and 8 older teens on a trainee leadership programme. It was a full on weekend and not without its complexities but it came together well and the effects of living in Christian community made a great impact on the young people, it was so cool to see the barriers breaking down and young people being drawn in to the ‘family’ that the camp is. I had to wear a pair of yellow braces all weekend (something I’ve managed to avoid up until now) and the collective humour involving Emo Elmo, strange hats and rousing chorus’s of “Morning has Broken” were ………. well, you had to be there!
The Water balloon volleyball was hotly contested, the pool was freezing but enjoyed, the worship rocked, the international doggy paddle race was splashing and the activities went well. Oh and we also took part in “The beat goes on” campaign with Christian Aid making an extrodinary amount of noise in a world-record-simultaneous-drumming gig to keep the ‘Justice’ message on the political agenda.
If any of the team are reading this, THANK YOU, It was a privilige to be on a team with you 🙂
YB06 Paddle.jpg

New Bruce Cockburn album

life short.jpg Wahhooo, a new Cockburn Album! It’s called Life Short Call Now and comes out on July 17th. Like a lot of long term Greenbelters I’m a huge fan of the powerful lyrical poetry and exquisite guitar playing of Mr Cockburn.
Hope an album means a tour?
“Billboards promise paradise
And tattoos “done while you wait”
Possible futures all laid out
On the sweeping curve of the interstate”
First verse, Life Short Call Now