On my doorstep

On my estate!
The Community Police Team turned up in numbers last nigt with the mobile Police Station. They held a bit of a consultation and filled us in with stuff that was happening on the estate, as did the Neighbourhood wardens and the like. BUT the big news is that one of the Community police team has managed to scrounge a large porta-cabin and got various businesses to donate some resources. If all goes to plan we’ll have a youth centre on the Baseball diamond. This is awesome as there is virtually nothing on the estate apart from the Church in one corner, a skateboard ramp and the dis-used baseball pitch left over from when the airbase was here, we don’t even have a shop or a phone box!
I guess this is where I might be investing some energy as unless there is real ownership from the Estate VERY quickly it’ll get vandalised/torched. Very cool step forward for the estate IF everyone can work together.

2 Replies to “On my doorstep”

  1. What no phone box? Still better off without one now as they would only install one of those horrible ones! Great news about a youth venue though.

  2. That sounds great… I know exactly what you mean about ownership however… I’m in a vry similar social position as you on an estate in Sheffield. I pray you will have angels on your [porta-cabin] walls!

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