‘More than survival’ Conference

Thought this was worth flagging up (oh and obviously I need a female volunteer to a) go and b) let me know what it was like!). Details as follows …..
More than survival
A conference for women in youth ministry
Are you a woman who is working in youth ministry? Do you sometimes wish you felt you were doing more than ‘just surviving’ in what can be very much a man’s world?
Well, if so, CPAS is running a small-scale, two-day conference that may be right up your street.
The conference is designed for women serving in youth ministry who would like to do more than survive:
in their spiritual lives
in their working relationships with the males in their groups and work teams
in keeping their identity as women.
10-11 October, 2006
Windmill Farm Conference Centre, near Cheltenham
Led by: Ruth Hassall, Emma Sargeant and the Rev Penny Frank
The cost of the conference is £95, including all meals and overnight accommodation.
Interested? Please contact Becky Ward via [email protected] or on 01926 458452″

4 Replies to “‘More than survival’ Conference”

  1. Ian, I _WOULD_ volunteer but I don’t really feel I DO have issues of just surviving. I think the male and female youth workers in Oxford diocese are really well balanced.
    I feel I get on well with the males in my groups and the male leaders and really have NO trouble with my identity as a female.
    The idea of a conference for women in ministry is partly kinda cool but I’d rather it were a SESSION at something more comprehensive like Matrix cos then I’d get to see ALL my friends in youth ministry.
    So sorry guys but I like you GUYS so I won’t be going!

  2. I think it sounds quite good, but it is 2 weeks before I am due to give birth… although it would be interesting to talk through the impact that having children will have on my ministry, I am not sure that they will be prepared for a practical session in midwifery or childcare…

  3. “‘just surviving’ in what can be very much a man’s world?”.
    I know I’m just a bloke and its not really aimed at me, but I can’t help feeling that’s a depressing patronising attitude to women in ministry (and the fact that its organised by women just makes the attitude worse). Do people outside sociology lectures even say ‘man’s world’ any more?
    Kept man.

  4. What if a bloke wanted to get in touch with his feminine side? Why do we try to ‘market’ a ‘conference’ for specific ‘target group/s’ – does this not add to the problem of ‘Isolate and fix?’ which then goes back into the mainstream thought of how to ‘fix’ stuff. By doing this sort of stuff, which does cover stuff that may be v. good and neccecary – but then we market it as exclusive. Is this christian?

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