I think I got away with it

The wedding preach went well and I was so thrilled to have played a part in what was a wonderful Christian wedding. The day saw so much laughter a few emotional tears shed too. Witnessing a former member of the youth group get married is so cool, in this case with the added bonus that another former Youth groupee was the Best Man and delivered THE finest wedding speech I have ever heard.
The Church was St Pauls in Salisbury which is a very cool Anglican church that’s had the ditch the pews refurb and added some techno accesories too. The ambience and comfy seats were fab from a preaching point of view but the techno side was a little intimidating. It’s one thing to preach, it’s quite another to preach while behind you is the projection of you BUT larger, much larger…. I can’t think of a more effective way of making you self conscious about gesticulation, however the magnified drops of nerve induced sweat were probably good for humility (but not great viewing). Hey Ho!

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  1. Ian you were great! Really sound sermon and loads of Christians and non-Christians said you were great too.
    And yes, Richard, it was taped but don’t tell Ian!

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