gb2.jpg I am SOOOOO looking forward to Greenbelt this year. Having reflected on the various conferences I find myself eating christian lasagne at, the events where I participate (or struggle to participate) in worship, the seminars where I debate with Youth Minesterial bretherin and sisterin, the VERY limited number of gigs I get to and the churches I find myself adrift in …… I have decided that Greenbelt is the most fulfilling and enriching thing I go to by far. It’s the event where worship, gigs, debate, church, faith and learning all combine and I feel at home, my faith and my soul part of something bigger. It’s a funny thing as Greenbelt is a massive bunch of imperfect people (I include myself) who don’t all agree BUT somehow it’s a taste of the kingdom that’s really real. There’s fun and faith, doubts and longings, hopes and dreams, creativity and dance, tears and laughter, a search for shalom, the mystery of Christ, the passion of the Spirit, the father heart of God …….. oh and the Tiny tea tent!
Interestingly I probably bump into more youth ministers I know at Greenbelt than anywhere else (Soul Survivor included) so I’m not the only one who finds it pivotal in terms of what events they commit to.
See you there 🙂

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  1. Here, here, fellow greenbelter!
    Totally echo your thougts and can’t wait for this years festival. Do pop along to the Traidcraft tent and hunt me out matey, would be nice to finally meet!

  2. No doubt we’ll bump into each other as always… you can always join us on Sunday morning for pay[back] free[dom] our interactive meditation (Emerging Church for Service 😉 ) in the Emerging Church Cafe… where we also have an installation — Shameless plug over!

  3. Ian you’ll see me there too….. taize, labyrinth, and ‘plugging’ my course on our own this year, not with JBB!!!
    I too can’t wait for it…

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