Boldly going ………..

No posts for a couple of days as I’m pedalling around Wales at NON warp factor 0.000004 (it’s VERY hilly) and generally boldy going anywhere that the road seems to be leading. It’s kind of a a retreat, a bit of an adventure and a good chance to train for the 110 mile Cyclosportive event in the summer that I’ve accidently entered.
far trek web.jpg

2 Replies to “Boldly going ………..”

  1. In case you’re wondering, warp factor 0.000004 is about 2500mph.
    Have a good Wales (My hen laid a haddock)

  2. whoops, that’ll teach me not to post vague guesses! Speed was definitely not 2500mph, in fact average speed was depresingly low as it was SO UNBELIEVABLY HILLY.
    JT, consider yourself official physics and engineering consultant to youthblog! (I bet you can even do the questions about blokes standing on sets of scales in lifts!)

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