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bebo.jpg In answer to the query in the comments (hi Alison, hi Tim) this is Bebo! It’s a Social Networking site (other examples, Friendster and MySpace but there are lots more) where you can create an online profile for yourself and then meet and interact with other people around shared interests, music, location or entirely randomly. Social Networking is massive culturally and Friendster for example has 16 million members and that is WAY below the figures for MySpace! Members of YOUR youth group will have a profile on one of these sites, ask them about it?
This is what Bebo have to say in answer to the question, “Why would I become a member of Bebo?”

“Who wouldn’t want to be a member of Bebo? Everyone who is anyone is a member of Bebo. Even the Queen is on Bebo*. (Although her homepage is private and only visible to her personal friends, footmen and corgis. You can tell when she’s online though, because the internet is flown at half mast.)

Bebo is the online community allowing you to share photos and blogs, draw on your own and other member’s White Boards and, oh, a ton of other stuff too. A ton. Literally a ton.**

Perhaps you’re a student? If you’re at school then instead of bunking off maths and having a crafty smoke round the back of the chemistry labs, why not use your time more wisely and get your school or college onto Bebo where you can hang out with other students?

Ditto if you’re at college or University. Why not try getting up earlier than lunchtime for once and getting online to Bebo? Plus you can join your old school or college as an Alumni so you can up with past students or warn current ones about those weird teachers.

* Possibly.
** Not literally”.


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