Youthwork Job Adverts

lyre.gif Jumped straight to the job pages when the JULY edition of Youthwork magazine arrived on Monday BUT sadly they weren’t the rich vein of humour they have been for the last couple of months. The only exception being the Church that are advertising for a Psalmist? Which made me laugh! Can you still get Psalmists? Would a Church REALLY put up with a new Psalm 119? I also got to thinking that they could have done better with an eye catching tag line for the Advert ….


3 Replies to “Youthwork Job Adverts”

  1. Slightly worried about your obsession with the jobs pages. Are you not happy in your work? 🙂
    Or are you just trying to find out which churches in the Diocese have neglected to tell you that they’re employing a youth worker this month?

  2. “compulsive lyre” made me smile..
    could one advertise for a letter writer? how bout a dreamer? guess we already have enough of those

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